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ULTIMATE CLEANSING QUEEN Eyelash Extension Cleanser

ULTIMATE CLEANSING QUEEN Eyelash Extension Cleanser

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This luxurious formula delivers the ultimate cleanse, perfectly balanced to clean and extend the life of your lashes. The ULTIMATE CLEANSING QUEEN Eyelash Extension Cleanser is here to make sure your lashes look luscious and fluffy! Keep your lashes looking fabulously fresh with its gentle, cruelty-free formula! (We know 'dirty lashes' are a no-go in the eyelash extension world!). Let the ULTIMATE CLEANSING QUEEN show you the way to ultra-clean.


Squeeze 1-2 pumps of cleanser onto your eyelash extensions (make sure your eye is completely closed). Lather and apply throughout the entire lashes with your included cleansing brush. Use gentle movements to remove makeup, dirt, oil, debris, and sweat off the eyelash extensions and around the eye area. Then use your wash bottle to rinse your lashes with water. With your POCKET KITTY FAN, use the included mascara brush to comb your eyelashes until dry. Repeat on other eye.

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